Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Our IIoT and AI solutions help you improve the availability, efficiency and quality of your manufacturing plant for maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Monitizer is your fast track to improved OEE and increased productivity. Our Monitizer | DISCOVER IIoT platform delivers a digital view of your process, revealing hidden problems with everything from conveyers to melting furnances – plus the live metrics and reports you need to solve them.

Progress to our AI-driven Monitizer | PRESCRIBE solution and receive real-time advice on the machine settings that deliver maximum quality, availability and production performance with minimum downtime – for your entire operation.


Does every part of your process perform perfectly? Simply tracking machine operation can be challenging, whether it's spotting idle time or downtime, or when output falls below target.

Finding and resolving the cause of a problem is even harder, especially if you can’t easily access machine metrics and process parameters, or compare the efficiency of different product runs or shifts. What’s preventing the machine from running at its best?


With a digital picture of your process at your fingertips, you're in control. Our modular IIoT platform gives you the information you need to identify bottlenecks, reduce idle time and monitor quality data – so you can operate your equipment more efficiently, effectively and productively every day.

Easily connected to almost any machine, Monitizer | DISCOVER helps pinpoint the reasons for underperformance, from machine faults and loading/unloading delays to maintenance or unplanned operator breaks.

"The Monitizer system gives us a real time view of the foundry and it’s easy to create your own dashboards and set up alerts.”

Shaun Lindfield, Commercial Director, MAT Foundry Group.

Data-driven insight delivers a step change in OEE

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Find out how Monitizer’s instant insight helps transform your process performance.

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Monitizer | PRESCRIBE makes your production work in harmony

Our AI service models historical plant data to find which process parameters give you the highest quality, speed and availability, leveraging cloud horsepower and deep learning to map the intricate dependencies within complex, multi-stage processes.

Then PRESCRIBE's built-in Expert Execution System puts that model into action, analysing live plant data to advise settings that deliver the most productive, highest quality output for today's conditions – for every machine and the entire production line.

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  • Systematically improve your manufacturing process
  • Measure OEE accurately, support lean manufacturing
  • Identify bottlenecks, improve cycle times and quality
  • Less downtime, higher availability, greater productivity
  • Minimize energy use, waste and costs

Why choose Monitizer as your IIoT and AI partner?

Monitizer knows how to improve manufacturing with Digital. Our track record proves it. And we know every process is unique. Our IIoT and AI platform is easily configurable – and customisable – to enhance any production line, anywhere in the world. Choose Monitizer to bring digital excellence and unrivalled industry experience to your project.