The NoriGate

NoriGate is our IIoT edge device (gateway) that can collect data from almost any source in your facility. NoriGates collect, timestamp and store data locally before streaming it to your Monitizer database in the cloud.

NoriGates are simple to install and straightforward to configure. They support a unified, reliable view of your production data, with no more data silos or manual data merging required.

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  • Connect to almost any equipment, sensor or data source
  • Fast, flexible and low-cost data collection
  • Banking-grade encryption protects your data
  • One-way data streaming prevents hacking
  • Easy to install, quick to configure
  • Data stored locally if cloud link disrupted

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How it works

NoriGate gateways are compact IIoT hardware devices that mount easily in standard PLC cabinets or in other locations on your equipment. Our engineers or your team can install them, and we can configure and update them remotely.

With NoriGates connecting multiple data sources such as PLCs, databases, or sensors becomes fast and simple. By securely streaming reliable data to your Monitizer | DISCOVER database in the cloud, they enable a single digital view of your entire process.

Why the NoriGate data acquisition is secure

Scalable connectivity

Connect and visualise with ease using NoriGates and the Monitizer Suite. Simply connect the NoriGate devices to your PLCs or other sources like servers and databases to visualise data from a single machine or an entire production line using Monitizer applications.

Connect to almost any source 

NoriGates come as standard on most machines in the Norican OEM family but can gather data from almost any vendor's equipment. Thanks to their extensive pre-installed interface library, NoriGates can securely connect to most common PLCs and sensors. Standard sources include MQTT clients and brokers, OPC-UA servers, CSV-file pipelines and HTTP microservices.

Super-secure data transfer 

NoriGates immediately encrypt all the data they collect using powerful, banking-grade encryption protocols. So, even before your data leaves your facility, no unauthorised user can read it. Data travels to the cloud via a secure VPN which adds a second layer of encryption.

No hacking into your production 

Within a NoriGate, data can only travel in one direction: from your data source to the NoriGate and on to the cloud. This prevents external hackers from using a NoriGate to access your local network or to interfere with your local machine controls.

Never lose data 

If your facility's internet connection is interrupted, a NoriGate holds data locally to protect against data loss. Once the connection is restored, it forwards the data as normal. A NoriGate can store data for up to 30 days if required.

How to set up NoriGate

NoriGate manual

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