Defect and scrap reduction

Our IIoT and AI solutions are proven to cut defects and scrap – with low project risk and rapid results.

Monitizer gives you the power to reduce product defects, quickly and permanently. Our Monitizer | DISCOVER IIoT platform's transparent, digital view of your production reveals hidden process problems and supplies the granular information you need to rectify them.

Progressing to Monitizer | PRESCRIBE supercharges your defect reduction capability. Its AI maps the complex interdependencies within your process, diagnoses the true root causes of persistent faults and suggests the optimum setpoints for stable, high-quality production.


Trying to reduce stubbornly high defect and scrap rates can be challenging and frustrating for even the most experienced engineers. Despite adjusting one setting after another, the problem may persist or even worsen. This is because traditional manual fault-finding methods are often inadequate for solving the complex problems that arise in multi-step production processes.


Data-driven investigation is the new, most effective way to win the defect battle. With our modular IIoT platform, you can start small, work in stages and get value at every step. Its digital picture of production lets you drill down into the data to identify the real causes of scrap.

Move to our Monitizer | PRESCRIBE AI service and it automatically finds and prescribes actions to correct the most complex, interlinked root causes in real time, preventing defects from occurring.

"Monitizer│PRESCRIBE’s first test results showed an average scrap rate reduction of 57.2%.
We are truly amazed by these results.”

Mr. Shaung, Director of Informatization and Digitalization, Huaxiang Foundry, China.

Drive your scrap towards zero

Find out how our AI-driven process control has cut scrap by an average of 40% for multiple global industrial manufacturers.

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Monitizer | PRESCRIBE gives you the power to keep improving

Our AI service utilises deep learning and an Expert Execution System (EES) to give you the highest possible yield. Less scrap means lower energy and resource consumption, less reworking, greater sustainability, higher margins, and very satisfied customers. The AI continuously learns, enabling the EES to apply the insights that help you optimise your process and improve it over time.

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  • Rapid ROI from fewer defects
  • Automatic prescriptions guide your operators 
  • Higher yields, higher profits 
  • Less downtime, greater efficiency 
  • Minimise energy use, waste and carbon footprint 

Why choose Monitizer as your IIoT and AI partner?

Monitizer knows how to improve manufacturing with Digital. Our track record proves it. And we know every process is unique. Our IIoT and AI platform is easily configurable – and customisable – to enhance any production line, anywhere in the world. Choose Monitizer to bring digital excellence and unrivalled industry experience to your project.