What is it

Monitizer | REFILL MONITOR is a furnace monitoring system that continuously checks dosing furnace fill levels against the metal consumption of the die casting process. It shows real-time fill levels, indicates when it's time to refill each furnace, which alloy to use, and the required weight of metal.

REFILL MONITOR helps you keep your furnaces running at peak efficiency. By minimising the number of filling runs required, it increases the productivity of metal supply by up to 15%.

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  • Real-time data collection
  • Customisable refill status dashboards
  • Colour-coded furnace dashboards for easy monitoring
  • Easy to install on existing equipment
  • Real-time refill analytics
  • Works with most furnace brands

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How it works

REFILL MONITOR's dashboards give you a clear view of furnace filling levels and their metal requirements. With this information at their fingertips, your operators can eliminate production stops and make fewer filling trips, while still running at full capacity.

Watch the video to find out how to REFILL MONITOR helps you manage multiple castings lines using real-time production data.


Eliminate stops and wastage

With a real-time view of furnace fill levels and the time left until the next refill, your melt shop team know exactly what they need to do. That prevents production stops and metal wastage caused by delayed filling, overfilling or adding the wrong alloy.

Cut scrap, increase productivity

By showing exactly when you need to top up your furnaces, REFILL MONITOR prevents scrap caused by too-low metal levels. Fewer filling runs while operating at full capacity make better use of your operators' time, helping you increase metal supply productivity by up to 15%.

Simple to install and customise

REFILL MONITOR requires no pre-existing digital infrastructure in your diecasting operation. You can tailor its dashboards to show your most valuable KPIs, set your own thresholds for each furnace's fill level and assign colour code indicators to highlight where action is needed.

Works with any furnace

Are you running multiple different brands of furnace? Our cloud platform and hardware is vendor-agnostic, so you can connect most dosing furnaces in your die casting process to REFILL MONITOR – no matter who supplied it.

Easy to use on any device

Because REFILL MONITOR runs on our cloud platform and displays on a standard browser, you can manage refilling for multiple lines from any location and any device. Even your forklift drivers can have their own tablet in front of them.