About Monitizer

Digital is the most effective way for industrial businesses to cut waste, increase profitability – and move towards net zero. 

Monitizer translates IIoT innovation into action. We are the catalyst for your digital transformation.

Who we are

Our mission is to deliver IIoT solutions that make your production perform at its best. Based in Munich, Germany, our team combines deep industry experience with digital expertise and a proven track record of successful digital deployments around the world. We know how to apply the latest technology to technical processes – and extract real value for you.

We're backed by Norican Group, a global giant in industrial equipment. Collaborating with their technical specialists, OEMs and our customers, we develop and deploy leading-edge IIoT tools that truly transform your business.

What we do

Technology is most effective when it’s applied expertly. With our experience in numerous IIoT deployments, we deliver scalable, accessible solutions that support single machines or entire production processes across multiple global sites.

Our engineers help our global customer base implement remote monitoring, increase equipment effectiveness, eliminate defects and reduce resource consumption. With every industry under pressure to reduce emissions, our tracking tools and AI-driven optimisation put you on the fast track to net zero.

Driven to innovate

Monitizer is headed by Nina Dybdal Rasmussen. She brings her industrial experience from DISA Industries, a leading supplier of innovative moulding equipment, where she spearheaded their digital business and helped hard-to-digitise foundries start their digital journey. A self-confessed maverick, Nina constantly challenges and evolves the way we work, think and innovate at Monitizer.


“ The unique mix of digital and industry experience behind Monitizer transforms performance across scrap rates, energy consumption, sustainability and beyond. Because we now have years of experience deploying the Monitizer applications, we can help our manufacturing customers make a major difference to operations very quickly.”

Nina Dybdal Rasmussen, SVP, Head of Monitizer