Monitizer | PRESCRIBE

What is it

Monitizer | PRESCRIBE is our AI-driven optimisation solution for complex industrial processes. Using advanced deep learning, it finds the optimal machine and material settings to make every part of your production work in harmony.

PRESCRIBE's built-in Expert Execution System monitors your process and recommends real-time changes that maintain stable, high-quality and efficient production. Tailored to your processes, this prescriptive analytics tool guides you towards the leanest, most sustainable and profitable operation.

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  • Optimise the most complex technical processes
  • Continuous automatic optimisation as conditions change
  • Achieve stable, maximum-quality production
  • Pinpoint complex root causes behind problems
  • Proven to reduce scrap, energy use and resource consumption
  • Low risk, rapid results, no new hardware

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How it works

Monitizer | PRESCRIBE combines award-winning AI software with expert consultancy, underpinned by decades of industry experience.

In collaboration with our AI experts, DataProphet, we customise each PRESCRIBE service to match the customer's unique manufacturing process, ensuring exclusivity. PRESCRIBE is trained to learn the interdependencies between manufacturing parameters and their impact on product quality, throughput, and other critical metrics. Once integrated, PRESCRIBE actively helps transform your production performance.

Why choose Monitizer | PRESCRIBE? 

Optimise your entire process

It’s almost impossible to optimise complex manufacturing processes manually. PRESCRIBE's AI conquers that complexity. Analysing all your data and thousands of interdependent variables, it pinpoints which combinations of process settings work best. It absorbs the wisdom of your best engineers to become the most trusted expert in your plant.

Precise real-time control of your production

As conditions change, PRESCRIBE's Expert Execution System predicts the outcome and instantly recommends the correct machine settings – before production suffers. You don't need to worry about machine operators acting independently and causing scrap: PRESCRIBE's advice dynamically keeps your process exactly on track.

Low risk, rapid ROI

Because PRESCRIBE is delivered as a packaged cloud service, you won't need your own data scientists or expensive servers. Our experts extract your data, build and test predictive models, then help you deploy them to control live production. PRESCRIBE is the low-risk route to transforming your production with AI.

Practical and proven to perform

In order to digitally transform technical processes, you have to understand them. The PRESCRIBE AI was specifically developed for industrial manufacturing processes and we bring our long industry experience to every single implementation. Our multiple case studies show the impact we’re having cuts scrap on average by 40%.

Retain knowledge, keep learning

Are your experienced staff retiring? By analysing your historic data, PRESCRIBE can evaluate all the changes those experts make to fix production problems. It discovers what really works – and what doesn't. And, as fresh data pours in, PRESCRIBE regularly updates its underlying model to keep on learning, every single day.