Monitizer | DISCOVER

What is it

Monitizer | DISCOVER, our Industrial IoT-powered digital solution for manufacturing, unlocks a new level of securely turning your production data into value. Built in the cloud to scale with automated and reliable data integration, DISCOVER is user-friendly.

It enables you and your team to share data in real-time in one centralized platform securely. With DISCOVER, you can efficiently monitor KPIs, prevent downtime, implement custom search queries, and make faster and more effective decisions.

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  • Real-time monitoring of machine and process KPIs
  • Actionable insights for production process improvement
  • Intelligent alerts for fast interventions and downtime prevention
  • Secure cloud database with customer data isolation
  • Rapid deployment with low initial investment

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How it works

DISCOVER includes pre-built dashboards for initial insights and user-friendly tools to create custom views. A NoriGate gateway devices securely collect your production data in a centralized platform, enabling real-time reports from anywhere.

Our support team offers comprehensive assistance, including on-site visits, remote consultancy, and guidance on configuring process alarms. We help you choose the best data sources, combine and visualize data, and revolutionize your production process.

Why choose DISCOVER?

Choose DISCOVER for advanced technology tailored to your manufacturing needs. 

With years of experience, we understand the unique challenges of the industry and have designed
Monitizer | DISCOVER with integrated tools and features to address them:

Clean, Reliable Data

Get 24/7 access to clean, reliable data with Monitizer's cloud-based platform. Eliminate manual data integration and securely collect, process, and visualize your KPIs. Monitor, analyze, and receive real-time notifications from all your processes or facilities worldwide.

Unlock Insights Instantly

Customize your DISCOVER dashboards to fit your unique needs and gain the power to quickly identify challenges. Receive actionable insights that empower your team to eliminate errors and prevent unplanned downtime with ease.

Empowered users, smarter production

Non-technical users can create and edit custom dashboards in their local language and view them on their preferred device. They can set up advanced alerts, compare real-time and historical data, pinpoint bottlenecks, and find root causes of problems.

Cloud-based IIoT excellence 

DISCOVER is a fast, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based solution that requires only the Norigate gateway as new IT hardware. With rock-solid security, resilience, and scalable cloud storage and processing power, DISCOVER provides unmatched IIoT excellence.


Proven in production, refined by experts

DISCOVER has been trusted by manufacturers worldwide for process monitoring and reporting. Monitizer collaborates with OEMs and experts at Norican Group's five technology brands, ensuring DISCOVER is built with decades of industry experience.