Energy consumption

Measure and reduce the energy consumption and emissions of your production line with IIoT and AI solutions from Monitizer.

Cut your energy use – and slash your operating costs and emissions. The Monitizer | DISCOVER IIoT platform gives you a process-wide operational view, helping you find and remove inefficiency and waste.

Our AI-driven Monitizer | PRESCRIBE solution tracks and analyses energy use data from your equipment or from your entire production line, discovering areas of high consumption and opportunities for improvement. It then delivers real-time recommendations for equipment settings that deliver the most energy-efficient production. It's the smart way to bring down energy use, enable sustainability programmes and unlock serious savings.


Many factories do not – and cannot – monitor machines' energy use in detail over time. Without this data, there is no way to identify where to improve energy performance and how to do it.

Even if machine's energy consumption is estimated, it's extremely hard to pinpoint the hidden inefficiencies and wastage within complex production processes. To succeed, first you need the information.


Simply seeing how much electricity a machine uses – and when – can instantly tell you where to save money. Real-time tracking and reporting using our IIoT platform gives you a digital production view, revealing patterns in energy consumption and showing them alongside other parameters to find causes of inefficiency.

With Monitizer, you can quickly define the problem, adjust the process and then check for improvements. Whether it's equipment on standby or long periods of peak-power operation, even small changes like reducing drive motor RPM can make a big difference.

"Digital tools are useful for collecting and analysing manufacturing parameters and process data to improve production efficiency."

Junichi Morikawa, President & CEO, Morikawa, Japan.

Monitizer makes serious energy savings possible

Monitizer helped one manufacturer find an estimated €14,000 in annual energy cost savings for a single machine, simply by uncovering excessive idle time.

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Tackle your energy bill with Monitizer | PRESCRIBE

Our Monitizer | PRESCRIBE AI service optimizes your process for the most efficient, sustainable production. Step by step, it makes minor adjustments that drive significant cost and emissions savings. We typically optimize for maximum product quality, which reduces energy costs through lower resource consumption, more efficient equipment utilization and reduced maintenance. But we can also target process settings that cut your energy use to the absolute minimum.

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  • Monitor real-time energy consumption
  • Reduce energy costs and emissions 
  • Support Lean and SMART programmes
  • Cut scrap and other process wastage 
  • Reduced machine wear, lower maintenance 

Why choose Monitizer as your IIoT and AI partner?

Monitizer knows how to improve manufacturing with Digital. Our track record proves it. And we know every process is unique. Our IIoT and AI platform is easily configurable – and customisable – to enhance any production line, anywhere in the world. Choose Monitizer to bring digital excellence and unrivalled industry experience to your project.