Resource management

Find hidden waste, unlock instant savings. Monitizer's IIoT and AI solutions give you the insight to continually increase production efficiency, improve quality, cut costs and operate more sustainably.

Every business is under pressure to cut resource consumption. From shop floor transport to shotblasting abrasive to the hours your staff work, doing more with less is the only sustainable way forward. Whether it's lower energy bills or efficient production schedule planning, the Monitizer | DISCOVER IIoT platform's digital production view helps you do exactly that.

Even if your process is already performing well, our AI-driven Monitizer | PRESCRIBE solution can help you make it even better. It optimises your production, making suggestions for process adjustments in real time so you can act to prevent waste and scrap before it actually happens.

Your Challenge


With ever-growing global competition, there's less and less room for inefficiency and waste. Every part that's scrapped or kWh that's squandered holds your business back. And, when winning new orders, stricter environmental standards will soon make every gram of emitted CO2 count.

But without a detailed, data-based view of your production line, it's hard to find these improvements – and even harder to implement them successfully over the long term.

Our Solution


From melting furnaces to sand mixing, Monitizer | DISCOVER delivers the instant information and insight you need to find and remove wastage – and keep on finding new production efficiencies, far into the future. Fast and flexible to deploy, it gives you a 360º real-time view of your plant's performance and complements other production systems like ERP.

Monitizer | PRESCRIBE's AI-driven optimisation leverages your production data to drive down your resource consumption to an absolute minimum. The result? Reduced costs, lower environmental impact – and serious competitive advantage.

"We wanted to get more value out of our data and for our people to have one single source of information. Monitizer | DISCOVER is a really powerful tool for putting all our data in one central place and making it easily available. Now anyone can connect and see the data from anywhere. I can for sure recommend the complete Monitizer package."

David de la Cruz, CIO, Condals Group.

Monitizer - your path to resource efficient production

Our IIoT and AI solutions give you the power to manage and cut resource usage. Find out how Monitizer can help you drive down inefficiency, waste, costs and emissions.

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Waste less, deliver more good parts with Monitizer | PRESCRIBE

Our Monitizer | PRESCRIBE AI service makes all sections of complex, multi-step processes work in harmony for greater energy efficiency, less waste, and optimum quality and yield. It tells you in real time how to operate in the most stable, efficient and profitable zone, helping you act to prevent waste and scrap before it actually happens. And, because the AI keeps learning, your production keeps right on improving. 

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  • A real-time, granular view of production
  • Quickly identify wastage and root causes 
  • Cut scrap, reduce energy consumption 
  • Higher profits, lower emissions
  • Maximum yield with minimum resource use 

Why choose Monitizer as your IIoT and AI partner?

Monitizer knows how to improve manufacturing with Digital. Our track record proves it. And we know every process is unique. Our IIoT and AI platform is easily configurable – and customisable – to enhance any production line, anywhere in the world. Choose Monitizer to bring digital excellence and unrivalled industry experience to your project.